Oh humanity!

Mungoma ward,the home of murooli,with many tourist sites mourning again!A young man has been butchered by teens calling themselves 42 brother I presume!

The area chief has worked tirelessly to stop this but justice has remained evasive .once caught,they are sent to police stations,held there and the parents sell property to bail them out.This is

Very depressing indeed,until annother person is butchered, the cycle begins again.more disturbing is the fact that the boys are known and according to African tradition once you murder somebody even make them bleed you need cleansing. Its said that there is an old man who gives them herbs to cleanse them and he’s known.

Question is!does he do it out of fear or he enjoy s the money?

We are tired of this happenngs.matiangi give us aLasting solution, at her wise the community is desperate and might turn to mob justice.


Oh no,believe it or not,a24yr old man perished here,a camping site.why why why?Negligence! Atour long awaited by 30 workers awarded for hard work.Imagine a camping site near a big river originating from the highest mountain in the area,the chilling water notwithstanding.

Two weeks earlier ,he’d visited his mother who had been widowed earlier,still having not forgotten the love of her life.The falling water so beckoning,he dived in with curiosity of a cat wanting to feel the power where the fall ended.In a span of a minute he had been pushed right under struggling to come up,his colleagues agape.He was gone till after 2weeks of searching.Administration of camping sites ,save us the agony!employ standby expert divers .where is your conscience?Value life beyond money ,save the customer for future visits and more money!

A journey without a destination

Lost in thought,where I’m I headed!Been working for the last 30years.The only sure success being my children, two sons and two daughters.

Local brew destroyed a wonderful man after his aspirations getting thwarted by the one man he trusted. Violence and suicidal tendencies replaced the cool man I knew..

Blame shifting became the order of the day,the family assumed he’s depressed by the wife’s nagging, the wife blamed the man,the man blamed the parents.

The children knew no happiness,tired after school,welcomed by a sad mam,no clear sign of a descent meal and sure of a sleepless night..

All this ended one day ,a storm did it.He drank into oblivion never to return.A mixture of loss,gratitude,anxiety,loneliness set in.Alcohol took a father and husband away in life and death.

Drink gracefully ,maintain peace and cohesion.The journey just started !I was more lost than ever.My night mare now being the system,a system widhout conscience.Whebre do I start searching for his gratuity?If its not a male who thinks here is toy to play with ,its a money hungry official who wants tons of money to assist me.I’m left in a dilemma,do i follow my husband to end the journey,what do I do,somebody pray for my journey mercies!!!I lost my way 30 yrs ago.My children won’t let me go,I’m stuck on the journey.

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