A journey without a destination

Lost in thought,where I’m I headed!Been working for the last 30years.The only sure success being my children, two sons and two daughters.

Local brew destroyed a wonderful man after his aspirations getting thwarted by the one man he trusted. Violence and suicidal tendencies replaced the cool man I knew..

Blame shifting became the order of the day,the family assumed he’s depressed by the wife’s nagging, the wife blamed the man,the man blamed the parents.

The children knew no happiness,tired after school,welcomed by a sad mam,no clear sign of a descent meal and sure of a sleepless night..

All this ended one day ,a storm did it.He drank into oblivion never to return.A mixture of loss,gratitude,anxiety,loneliness set in.Alcohol took a father and husband away in life and death.

Drink gracefully ,maintain peace and cohesion.The journey just started !I was more lost than ever.My night mare now being the system,a system widhout conscience.Whebre do I start searching for his gratuity?If its not a male who thinks here is toy to play with ,its a money hungry official who wants tons of money to assist me.I’m left in a dilemma,do i follow my husband to end the journey,what do I do,somebody pray for my journey mercies!!!I lost my way 30 yrs ago.My children won’t let me go,I’m stuck on the journey.

Published by jenkins2020

I'm a very hardworking,positive lady with lots of aspirations to achieve wealth alongside my friends and people who are ready to grow their wealth.welcome

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